Equity Release Calculator

Calculate your maximum release by using our free equity release calculator below...

Our equity release calculator offers several different calculations which means that it showcases options for a variety of different lifetime mortgage schemes. Our 3-in-1 calculator saves time by displaying results for a number of products such as lump sum roll-up, interest only, or enhanced lifetime mortgages. We do it all in one place. Each result from the calculator is documented as below:

1. Standard plan calculations show the maximum result that a homeowner can expect to receive from a traditional roll-up scheme or a voluntary repayment lifetime mortgage. These are the most basic products and are the most straightforward.

2. Enhanced plan calculations show the amount available from lifetime mortgage schemes that offer enhanced features based on health and lifestyle issues.

3. Interest only calculations display the release available from products that provide an interest-only lifetime mortgage. These calculations will show products that do not require proof of income or regular monthly payments but do offer the option to switch to a roll-up interest plan in the future.


It is crucial to know the maximum equity release available before making any decisions related to product choice. The equity release marketplace now includes various features, enhancements and options, all of which impact the overall product. Our calculator can help determine which products will allow for the biggest release while also displaying all of the options available.

Equity release has proven to be a valuable retirement tool for many homeowners. The money from an equity release scheme can be used for achieving lifelong dreams and goals, paying off existing debt, making necessary home repairs, or saving money for potential future expenses. For whatever reason, many homeowners have now been looking to equity release schemes as a retirement planning tool. To start, many homeowners are most concerned with finding out how much equity they can realistically release from their home as well as the maximum equity release lump sum available to them.

To determine the maximum equity release lump sum available, homeowners needs to access an equity release calculator. A calculator can be used to show how much equity might be available for release. Once that maximum amount is determined, the homeowner can start researching other things such as the best products available or features they want to ensure they use. We have a lifetime mortgage calculator available for use and can offer a list of results.

The minimum age for any lifetime mortgage scheme is currently 55 years old and the minimum property valuation is £70,000. To be eligible for any release at all, each homeowner must meet at least this criterion.

Every homeowner will have a different maximum equity release available to them. This is because the calculation is very individualized and depends on a number of personal indicators such as the age of the youngest homeowner, the value of the property, the homeowner’s health and lifestyle, and any outstanding loan or mortgage debt. If the homeowner does have any outstanding mortgage or loan debt the balance will likely be deducted from the maximum amount available.

In terms of health and lifestyle disclosures, the homeowner may be eligible for enhanced features if in poor health or leading a particularly unhealthy lifestyle. With the enhanced lifetime mortgage products that offer these features, a homeowner who is in poor health and has a chronic health condition or who leads a particularly unhealthy lifestyle may be offered either a higher maximum amount or a lower interest rate. This is because with some chronic conditions or lifestyle choices, life expectancy goes down. These products typically require more proof than a standard equity release product, such as proof of poor health and the completion of a health questionnaire.